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eMate 300

eMate 300

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<p class="greenLinks"><a href="">Apple eMate 300</a> with original power supply and original stylus, in exceptional condition and fully working (with the exception of the original internal battery pack so only works when plugged in) despite being over 20 years old. This is the only product in the <a href="">Apple Newton</a> PDA family that featured a keyboard in addition to the touch screen stylus input, and was sold exclusively to the education market between 1997 and 1998. It is completely solid state with internal flash memory making it very rugged and originally providing long battery life.</p><p class="greenLinks">Photos of of the actual device for sale.</p> <p class="greenLinks">It features a greyscale, 6.8-inch, backlit LCD screen which could be folded right back to use as a tablet with the included stylus which allowed drawing, typing via the on-screen keyboard, or free form hard writing which the Newton OS converts to text in real time. The eMate features a suite of built in apps such as notes (text of sketches), calendar, calculator, address book and formulas. Additional software was loaded and updated via a Mac using a serial cable and the Newton Connection Kit software (not included).</p> <p class="greenLinks">As with all eMate 300s, the original NiMH battery pack is almost dead so the eMate must be used with the supplied Apple Newton charger although the battery back is based on 4xAA batteries and the process for rebuilding the original battery pack with replacement batteries is documented <a href="">here</a>.</p> <p class="greenLinks">This is a rare collector item in exceptional condition for its age. The only Noteable imperfection are slight chipping of the Apple logo paint on the lid, and minor corrosion on the metal lid catch as shown in the photos. The eMate has been reset back to factory status. It is assumed that this will be purchased for a collection and not for regular use. As such it is supplied with 1month warranty (excluding battery) so you have the confidence of knowing that the device will be supplied as described.</p>
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