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iPhone 12 Mini 128GB (PRODUCT) RED

iPhone 12 Mini 128GB (PRODUCT) RED

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<p>Fully refurbished and tested iPhone pre-loaded with a clean install of iOS 17. This iPhone is fitted with 128GB internal storage with the assurance of 1 months warranty.<br><br>We are very strict with our cosmetic grading on iOS devices. The part that is given the most scrutiny is the digitizer (touch screen) and LCD quality. In some cases, a device will be upgraded in condition because of the quality of the screen, and it may have minor marks on the casing. This is typical, as most cases fitted to iOS devices cause scratches to the body, but a device well looked after will have a pristine screen.<br><br>These devices can come as either locked to a mobile carrier or unlocked. If locked to a carrier, it will not work with any other carriers. It can be unlocked for a fee by most carriers, but we often list them as they are to keep the devices cost down as much as possible. The devices carrier service is currently set to unlocked.<br><br>Charging cable included. Please note the latest revision of iPhone's do not come with a mains plug.<br><br>The device is graded cosmetically based relative to its age. Some of the casing parts are noted below for reference:&nbsp;<br>•&nbsp;<b>Touch Panel/Digitizer</b>&nbsp;- Grade A condition, no marks to note.<br>•&nbsp;<b>Screen/LCD</b>&nbsp;- Grade A condition, no blemishes to note.<br>•&nbsp;<b>Housing Unit&nbsp;</b>- Excellent condition, very light wearing to the edges, minor surface scratches to the camera lens.<br></p>
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