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AirPort Express Base Station (Early 2008)

AirPort Express Base Station (Early 2008)

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First generation Airport Express base station. This device has integrated ethernet, USB (for hard drive or printer connection only) and a 3.5mm headphone jack for analog or optical digital sound output. <BR><BR>The main feature of this device is <B>Apple Airplay</B>, which can stream music from iOS devices or desktops (as long as your operating system supports the function). it can also be used as a WIFI extender, but it only supports 802.11b/g connections.<BR><BR> With this being an earlier model, it doesn't support current versions of Airport Utility to complete the setup process, but we will provide this device with a link to an airport utility patch that enables version 5.6.1 to launch and run on later machines found <a style="color:#3cc33d" target="_blank" href=""> here</a>.<BR> It has been tested in operating systems up to 10.13.6 as being fully functional.<BR><BR>This is a great device for Airplaying music to a set of speakers.<BR><BR>This device comes with a UK plug.
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